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Saturday, 5 November 2011

A Saturday surprise

When the deadline for competition results has passed and you've not heard anything the conclusion is 'oh well, try again next time.' More so when it's a week after the prize-giving ceremony too.  But this morning the indoor writer received a letter from Christchurch Writers enclosing a list of winners for their recent competition and ... a cheque for £50!  So a week after the official prize-giving in Christchurch (Dorset not NZ!) has taken place she finds out she's a winner - see, never give up hope...

And here comes the bit that'll earn me a slice of choccie cake - she won the open themed Article (non-fiction) competition, her first success with a non-fiction piece.  What a nice surprise for a dreary, damp Saturday.

Now where's she hidden that cake ...

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