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Monday, 16 July 2012

Sunshine Award

with thanks to Penelope Heyer

Many thanks to the lovely Penelope Heyer (do check out her blog The Haphazard Gardener, though I really think she should be writing Romantic Fiction with such a wonderfully romantic name) for sending me this Sunshine Award. I just love the cheerful colours! 

For this award you have to write 5 things about yourself. Include the logo in your post. Link to 5 nominees and to the person who nominated you.
OK here goes on the 5 facts about the Indoor Writer...
1. Every week I try to get out and run along the promenade at Worthing (though my pace is more of a jog). This Sunday I ran the 5km Race For LIfe with another writer, and fellow member of West Sussex Writers.
2. I have completed two novels, both unpublished. One is a children's novel The Wereboy of Bartoncoombe (Book 1) about werewolves on Dartmoor, which I am currently seeking to place with a literary agent. To date one agent has asked to read the complete manuscript, but sadly this didn't lead to anything.
3. Tomorrow I'm taking my teen son to Berlin for a city break. Every year we try and visit a European city. Last year we did Florence and Rome, and Paris was the year before. We love to explore these new places and seek out modern art galleries. I've only ever stopped at Berlin airport before so am looking forward to the trip.
4. As I no longer work full time, and not sure if you can ever describe writing as 'work', I have time to help as a volunteer driver for the surrounding villages. Through this scheme I've met lots of lovely people, many who have lived in the area for over fifty years or more. I hear great stories, some sad and many uplifting. I am also trained as a volunteer home visitor.
5. Whatever I attempt in life I take rather seriously and always aim high. This can make for a stressful existence at times. Take writing for example - with every competition win or story published I just want to do better and better. Wish I could just sit back and enjoy, but I'm not programmed that way. Not content with publication my secret ambition is to win the Man-Booker...see I have to aim high!

And my nominations for the Sunshine Award, in no particular order, are...

Patsy Collins is a prolific blogger who shares lots of FREE competitons, terrific photos and lots of fun news about her writing. Patsy has recently published her first novel: Escape to the Country. (I now have a copy and am taking it on holiday, so plan to post a review in next few weeks). 

Helen Yendall has a Blogaboutwriting where she shares lots of interesting writing news, news of her own writing (she is a Womag and features writer and keen competition entrant).

Sally Jenkins is a blogging writer that I first met on the Emerald Writing Flash Fiction competition. Sally gets out and about and shares competition news and writing facts. I always learn something new from Sally's posts.

Jo Derrick is behind The Yellow Room magazine and blog. She publishes The Yellow Room mag twice a year and you can only purchase it from her website. Do check it out as Jo has very high literary standards and the short stories are excellent. I think Jo is my nemesis right now as she keeps winning the competitions I've been shortlisted for ...hmmm

Julia Horley blogs about Life, Yoga and other adventures. Some posts about writing, but mainly about Julia's life and adventures and some cracking photos. A fun, chatty blog where you wish Julia was your next door neighbour.


  1. Many thanks for the award, Tracy and I hope you have a fab time in Berlin!

  2. Thanks Sally - Berlin was sehr interesting. Great city for short break, had a terrific time with teen son.

  3. Thanks for the award, Tracy. I hope you're enjoying your holiday and the book.