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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Illuminating Flash

The indoor writer became very excited when her September issue of Writing Magazine plopped through the letterbox this week. Why? Because her first ever feature made it into print. So if you subscribe to WM then checkout page 26 and 'Get Flash'.

Even better the article got mentioned on the front cover (bottom right) and despite a few minor word changes is basically unchanged. Okay, they did change the title, but I guess that happens a lot.

To date she's pitched a magnificent total of 3 articles (pathetic huh?) and 2 have been commissioned, including the Flash piece for WM. The first article was written for a writing correspondence course and her tutor encouraged her to go ahead and submit to The Lady. Perhaps this was a little ambitious for a first article, but hey if you don't submit... The piece came back in its SAE within 24 hours - not kidding, I think they simply changed envelopes and sent it straight back. And the moral of this tale... never give up because her next two pitches were successful.

Oh and the twist in the tale (or should that be curl in the tail?) is never bin ANYTHING. A year later the rejected article was retweaked to meet the theme of a competition and has just won her a place at this year's SWANICK Writer's Summer School (more on this in a later blog). It won the non-fiction category.

Keep writing and Keep SUBMITTING


  1. Thanks LitPig, and pass on my thanks to the Indoor Writer please! (yes, changing the title does happen a lot - almost invariably in fact)
    And I'll look forward to meeting both of you at Swanwick! And The One Who Buys Me Nuts says he's looking forward to it too.

    - The Writing Magazine typemonkey

    1. Thanks for the comment. Look forward to meeting you (and many others) at Swanick. Just hope The One Who Buys Nuts doesn't feel the need to supplement your diet with pork scratchings...

  2. Congratulations! I've had stuff rejected from The Lady in double-quick time, too. I've crossed this one of my list of possibles. :(

    1. Thanks Julia. Sort of glad, but not for you obviously, to hear you had similar experience with The Lady. They certainely are swift to reject & just beat People's Friend - who took 2 days rather than 1 to reject a story.

  3. Just read your WM article, Tracy - it's a good one. And fantastic news about Swanick - do let us know how you get on, I've always fancied going there.

  4. Thanks Sally. Will definitely be posting post Swanick - really looking forward to it and hoping for lots of inspiration !