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Sunday, 5 May 2013

April round-up

It's May and the local woods are already bursting with bluebells and it's also time for the Indoor Writer's writing stats for April:

Write 1 Sub: 1 new short story written, 1 new filler written, 8 submissions (including 1 non-fiction feature)
Publish e-collection: as before - am collating the stories and have decided to enter The Scott Prize (Salt Publishing) which opens end July. So time to write a few more for the collection...
Re-start the novel: am writing a short story for Bridport Prize based around one of the characters from the novel. Better get a move on as deadline is 31 May! (Typical, she leaves everything to the last minute...)
Crack the Weekly News: Sigh, still waiting for the GOOD NEWS on the story I submitted last September. Apparently Jill Finlay at TWN is still closed to new submissions to clear the backlog.
Crack Woman's Weekly: Recent story rejected, without comment as usual. To combat this have booked to attend the Woman's Weekly Workshop (writing short stories and serials for women's mags) in London on 7 June. I'm going along with Wendy, so expect posts from both of us reporting back after our jolly (sorry), research mission.
Write and sell a serial: see above, hoping to learn more about the serial market before I try again. 
Application for MA in Creative Writing: did not qualify for the bursary as my first degee was a Desmond and needed a 2:1 or above. Odd to lose out on this criterion, particularly as I think I'm a far better writer than I ever was a zoologist, but them's the rules! However, I still wanted to be considered and attended interview last week. And the good news is I have been offered a place, starting part-time September! To date have earned one module through writing projects.

The Good: Runner-up Reader's Digest 100-word-story competition, Flash story TOP DECK TILLY  published in Flash Flood Journal (part of National-Flash-Fiction-Day), story published in Rattle Tales Anthology (out soon), story published in Alfie Dog's Humour collection, story published in Hysteria1 anthology. Pitch accepted for non-fiction feature (required later in year).

The Bad:
Income = zilch (though £100 of book tokens from Reader's Digest turned up on 3 May!)
Rejections from WW and Rattle Tales. Disappointed not to make shortlist/longlist etc for several competitions: Bath, Cornerstones WowFactor, Thresholds, Arvon/Pen, Meridian, Chudleigh Phoenix, Fish Flash, Commonwealth Writers, Homestart - oh dear the list is rather long...

There's only one solution for rejection blues...

Keep writing and submitting...


  1. Do you mean to say WW didn't say you had a Well Worn Theme! (Sorry to mention it again). Looking forward to our mission, Tracy, and even if you've had a few set backs this month, your being a runner up in the Reader's Digest competition is a BIG win.

    1. Thanks for the positive comment Wendy! Though I'd be glad of the 'well worn theme' comment from WW, anything just to show they had read the story...

    2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sends them stories on a 'well worn theme'!

  2. Oh, and well done for achieving what you have, Tracy! Like you say, keep writing and submitting!

  3. You're still doing very well with your submissions, Tracy, and it's great to see the good amongst the disappointments - as we all face! Looking forward to hearing from you and Wendy about the WW day.

    1. Oddly, Rosemary it sort of helps to just get it all down. Bit like therapy really!

  4. Wow Tracy, just reading all you do makes me feel tired! I think you have achieved an amazing amount already and you are an inspiration to an aspiring author like me! Thanks for always been so open and honest about your achievments, including your acceptances and rejections. Hope you're having a little sun like us across the water from you! Edith xxx

    1. It has been a glorious day in West Sussex Edith, lots of sunshine and blistering blue skies. Trotters crossed for many more days like this!

  5. Zilch income, that sounds familiar.