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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

November round up

As you can see I'm ready for Christmas, but while we're waiting for the repeats of The Snowman (and Babe) here's the Indoor Writer's round-up of writing news for November...

November STATS: 

Write 1 Sub 1:
New - 1 x article, extended radio play from 20 to 45 mins
Total subs - 15 

Income: almost £300! The mince pies are on me.

The Good News: 
Winner of Christchurch Writers' Radio Play competition - pretty chuffed as first radio play
Runner-up Christchurch Writers' Article competition
Shortlisted (final 4) in Retreat West short story competition (judged by Sophie Duffy)
Shortlisted in InkTears flash fiction competition - pleased with this as previously not had any success with InkTears
Positive comments received on a story from a womag. Already resubmitted ... so ... keep'em crossed!

The Not-so-good News: unsuccessful in the following ...
Aesthetica, The Short Story comp, Five Stop Story, The Red Line. 3 rejections (in 2 emails) from WW.

Other projects:
The radio play is almost ready for submission to the BBC. A friend from the MA course is organising her theatre group of teenagers to record this next week. This will be a real treat and the perfect way to road test the dialogue (the main characters are all teens).
I'm working on my semester 1 submission for the MA at present, which is due on 20 January. So not sure what new writing I will achieve by end December. Hoping to write some new flash pieces, but may run out of time for a new short story.
Some positive news on the novel, but you'll have to wait for the December round up ... sorry
Lots of ideas for projects, but not sure what to focus on in the New Year. Guess this is a good situation to be in as writer!

What have you been up to? Any successes to shout about? Please share.

Keep writing and submitting...


  1. Congratulations on all the competition good news! (none to report myself, but I have a few entries I'm waiting to hear about)

    1. Trotters are crossed for you, Patsy. I'm certain good news is coming ... :)

  2. You've had a really full month with lots of successes, Tracy.

    1. Thanks, Wendy. Oddly, November always seems to be a lucky month. Not complaining!

  3. What a great month, Tracy - and it's lovely to hear you've earned some income too! You certainly seem to be heading upwards. I've had bits and pieces over the year but haven't taken stock yet.

  4. Thanks, Rosemary. Some income does make all the effort seem worthwhile.

  5. Well done, Tracy - I wish I was as productive as you!

    1. Thanks, Sally. Most of the time I don't feel very productive!