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Monday, 13 February 2012


Are you hooked yet?  BBC1’s ‘Call the Midwife’ is Downton Abbey with bicycles and babies and without the frocks and dishy Matthew (surely he’s wearing contacts?).  Okay, so it’s nothing like Downton but you still need a box of hankies within sobbing distance.  The indoor writer has ended up all teary for every episode so far.  And last night’s show even starred a pig called Evie – how’s that for catering to all tastes!  Sadly, next week it’s the last in the series, but surely the beeb is already working on series two…  Wallowing in sentimentality ‘Call the Midwife’ is supreme Sunday night viewing and who could resist cake-loving pigs on primetime telly! 

N.B. My preference is for chocolate cake not Victoria Sponge.

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