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Monday, 13 February 2012

What does Yellow and Green make?

What does yellow and green make?  A great combination of competitions... read on if you write short and flash fiction:

The Yellow Room Spring Competition:

The Yellow Room Magazine is published by Jo Derrick and she also runs two competitions each year (Spring & Autumn) for short stories.  Reading Jo's Guidelines for submissions is a good starting point to determine what is likely to make your entry a success.

  • Deadline 31 March 2012 (email entries accepted)
  • Word count up to 2,500 on any theme
  • Entry fee is £4 for one story or £10 for three (paypal online payment or cheques accepted)
  • Prizes: 1st = £85, 2nd = £45, 3rd = £20
  • Winning story will be published in The Yellow Room Magazine

Eddie Walsh at Emerald Writing Workshop runs numerous competitions for flash fiction throughout the year so worth checking out the future competitions too.  These are good value to enter and Eddie seems to like 2nd class stamps as entry fees (though does accept cheques too) - he also doesn't like waste so try to get your entries in early using 2nd class post!  Shortlisted (and sometimes those on longlist) get a short critique on the website, and Eddie gets straight to the point.

  • Deadline 28 February 2012 (postal entries only)
  • Word count no longer than 500 words
  • Theme: set on a train
  • Entry fee is 5 2nd class stamps or £1.80 cheque for one story, 9 2nd class stamps (£3.24) for two stories or 12 2nd class stamps (£4.32) for three stories
  • Prizes: 1st = £65, 2nd = £20, 3rd = £15
  • Winning story is published on website
Both of the above competitions have pretty high standards and exceedingly good taste when it comes to fiction.  Well, that's what the  indoor writer told me to add - as she's come in the top three for both competitions.

Have a go and let me know how you get on...

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