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Monday, 4 June 2012

Aflie Dog - the new website for short stories

Have you checked out Alfie Dog Limited yet? This a brand new website offering a multitude of short stories for download "to read at your leisure". The indoor writer currently has one story on the site (The Minstrel's Gallery) and a second will be available from 13 June (Twinkle, Twinkle).

Short stories are available to buy at 39p, which is cheaper than any newspaper or magazine and even cheaper than chocolate! You can search by author or genre and there is always a mini summary of the story. You can also select your download:

  • e-pub format suitable for most e-readers excluding Kindle
  • mobi - for Kindle
  • pdf - for reading on large screens and formatted for printing

Each week there is a new Story of the Week highlighted.

If you write short stories then you can submit (click here for submission process) - the process is really straightforward and they respond very quickly. It's a good website to showcase your work and possibly earn some money too.

You can also follow on Twitter @Alfiedoglimited and Facebook to hear about new stories.

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