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Sunday 3 April 2011

What a good month!

As March came to a damp end the indoor writer received a flurry of news on the competition front.  One story reached 5th place in the WriteInvite 7 Page Paper Copy competition, which results in some earnings i.e. much needed dosh to buy more books.

This is a really friendly group who host a weekly online competition - you have 30 minutes to create a complete story on one of the three given themes.  Mid week the three shortlisted stories are released and all other entrants get to vote for the winning story.  The winner gets £50 for a £4 entry fee - and for 30 mins effort that's not bad return!
For WriteInvite click here

Also checked out website for THE NEW WRITER and found another short story had made it to the LONGLIST of the annual competition.  OK so not top 4 or even Commended but she was pretty chuffed with this result as the story entered was a longer piece (4,000 words) and with a more literary theme.  Bit of an endorsement that she can write more than just 'quirky' pieces.
To see results of The New Writer competition click here

Forty thousand and counting

Forty three thousand words written on children's novel by end Friday - Yahoo.  She's on the last stretch now and should finish first draft in next couple of weeks.  Lovely spring weather is a tempting distraction and boy do those lawns need mowing - funny how there's always some excuse NOT to write ....