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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Short story opportunities

Apologies for the absence but the Indoor Writer has been immersed in her writing (poor excuse if you ask me) and unable to help with the blog...hmmm. To make up for the lapse here is news of a new website Short Stops set-up by Tania Hershman and devoted to the Short Story. Click here to read more about outlets and opportunities for short stories. I've come across Tania in many Flash Fiction competitions and love her writing, which is quirky and thought provoking. I particularly like how she brings science into her writing. She's also the judge for the Bridport Flash Fiction Prize 2014, which is a fantastic achievement.

And you still have time to enter the 2014 Commonwealth Writers Short Story Prize, which closes at noon on 30 November. Click here for details of how to submit - you can also read the winners from 2013. Top prize is £5,000 and £2500 for regional winners. They want unpublished, original stories of 2,000 - 5,000 words. It's FREE to enter so why not have a go?

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Short Story Week

I'm wallowing this week, wallowing in a glorious mud bath of short stories! If you want to read all about National Short Story Week (11 - 17 November) then click here, where you can find out about events and what to read or where to listen to short stories. You can also follow the week on twitter @shortstoryforum.

And if you like reading short story collections then there is an excellent critique of Kate Atkinson's collection 'Not the End of the World' on Thresholds (Short Story Forum), another excellent site for short story addicts. You may recognise the author of the article ... Okay, yes this is just another plug for The Indoor Writer, but she needs all the plugs she can get!

I've blogged about my favourite short story writers before, so won't bore you again with my list. I'm currently reading Lucy Wood's 'Diving Belles' and have on my shelf to read:
Alice Munro - Runaway
Zoe Lambert - The War Tour
Raymond Carer - Stories

 Who are your favourite short story writers and what are you reading now?

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

October round up

With only ?? days left to Christmas thought I'd better get this out quickly as the year is whizzing by at breakneck speed. I'm settling into the rhythm of my MA course now. We have to submit 2,000 words of a WIP by midnight on Wednesday, in time to review and feedback to other members of the workshop on Monday evening. So the first half of the week is polishing the piece I'm submitting, followed by reading and reviewing the work coming from the rest of the group (5 of us in each group). With the time left I have to keep up with the reading list. And then work on the novel, short stories and any features I have commissioned. At times it's a bit scary. One day last week I worked on: a radio drama, the novel and started a new short story. By the end of the day I didn't know which head I was in! But it felt good to be writing, in the words of Simon Whaley I really was a 'positively productive writer' - well for one day at least.

This weekend I'm attending a course on writing sitcoms for TV and Radio - will report back soon.

October STATS: 

Write 1 Sub 1:
New - 1 x short story, 1 x filler
Total subs - 13 

Income: Zilch. (I only count income when it turns up, so though I had a success in October I haven't yet received the goodies.)

The Good News: 
Winner of Hysteria 2013 Short Story competition - just waiting for my story and interview to appear on their website (watch this space).
Feature commissioned by Writing Magazine.
On final shortlist for another competition, judging still in progress (trotters crossed!)

The Not-so-good News: unsuccessful in the following ...
Telegraph JustBack travel competition (again). Flash 500. Little Pieces of Gold (10 min play). The Word Hut short story competition.

Other projects:
Currently extending a 20 min radio drama (more on that in November round up...) to 45 min length with intention of submitting to BBC.
One short story still out with a womag.
Novel is up to 10,000 words and still growing.

What have you been up to? Any successes to shout about? Please share.

Keep writing and submitting...