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Sunday 20 March 2011

Thirty thousand words

She hit 35,000 words end of Friday on the children's novel, so well on target to complete first draft in April.  With decorator rejuvenating the hallway all next week she has no excuse but to knuckle down and push up the word count.  I'm looking forward to spending all day on the bed just listening to the tapping of plastic keys on her macbook.

Keep writing!

Rejection or revelation?

The writer hit a low patch this week on receiving rejection email.  Contained the words no writer ever wants to see: "not one for me".  I warned her that she'd sent off the enquiry too early with book still in progress, but did she listen?  Got all excited when she was asked to send in the finished manuscript but again only sent first third of book and not much past first draft ... Lesson learned I think.  Maybe she'll listen to the wise pig next time.

However, there is a silver lining to this fable in that the rejection came back with a couple of nuggets - feedback!  Something rarely received from a literary agent.  And pertinent feedback too.   So she's picked herself up and cracked on with renewed enthusiasm.  The feedback was spot on - something she needed to be pointed out - and now she plans to rewrite the early chapters to address the comments.

It was too soon to submit but better to know the faults now and correct rather than plough on in blissful ignorance I say.

Friday 18 March 2011

Alzheimer's Blogging Competition

Seeing someone you know and love suffering from Alzheimer's is one of the most tortuous experiences. I have Sally Jenkins to thank for highlighting the Alzheimer's Blogging Competition. Do check this out if you blog and even if you don't you can still make a donation.

Emerald Writing Competition Winning Entry

Click Here to Read Tracy's winning entry in the Emerald Writing Short Story Competition.
Thanks again to Eddie for running these competitions.  Amazingly Eddie has only started charging an entry fee this year and to be honest the entrance fee is good value.

Check out upcoming competitions at Emerald's site.

Sunday 13 March 2011

A Gem of a WIN

The indoor writer got a phone call last night from Eddie Walsh.  He organises the competitions held by Emerald Writing Workshops (see link to website on left of Blog).  Her entry 'Gods of the carousel' for the first competition of 2011 (500 words - theme: set in airport) had WON!

Several bottles of beer were then imbibed to celebrate.   Winning story will soon be published on the Emerald Writing workshop - go and check it out.

Also check out the other competitions running in 2011 on this website.  Eddie often provides critiques for entries which are all published on the site.

Keep writing!

Julia Churchill at West Sussex Writers' Club

On the evening of Thursday 10th March Julia Churchill (Agent for Greenhouse Literary Agency) gave the monthly talk for the West Sussex Writers' Club (Worthing).  Julia talked for over an hour on life as a Literary Agent and gave many top tips on what an agent is looking for in a submission and manuscript.  It was fascinating to hear of the work involved by an agent, particularly the daily routine, and a surprise to find that Julia reads all submissions herself.  She was clearly passionate about her work and loves the children's market.  All information was submitted by excellent examples which really helped to get across her message.  This was an excellent talk and full of key facts for any writer seeking an agent in the current market.  It was also good to hear Julia support ebooks and the markets for new media within the publishing industry.

Wednesday 9 March 2011

February Reads

We polished off the last of the Christmas presents by end of Feb.  Two stalwart favourites were: Kate Atkinson and C.J. Sansom and their hardback offerings.  'Started Early, Took the Dog' was Kate Atkinson's  fourth outing for Jackson Brodie - a sardonic but very human ex-private investigator.  Unusally it took us a while to get into this book, but by half way we were totally hooked.  A good array of Atkinson characters - oddly attractive and by the end you are just rooting for the retired cop Tracy.

Similarly experience with C.J. Sansom's fifth adventure for the Tudor hunchback lawyer Matthew Shardlake: 'Heartstone'.  Found this very slow going at first but stuck with it and post 200 pages it started to zoom along.      The twist was virtually impossible to see coming - well we didn't see it coming, but then I don't get out much (why would I want to leave my lovely cosy bed).  If you like historical detective fiction then sample this series, Book 1 is 'Dissolution'.