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Published Short Stories

Commonwealth Short Story Prize: Regional Winner Canada & Europe 'The Naming of Moths.' Published on GRANTA June 2017. Read it here.

Flashback Fiction: Palindrome, read and/or listen to the story here.
Five Questions on the story Palindrome: read here.

Retreat West Monthly Micro Competition (Feb 2022): Winner with 'Straight Lines', read it here.

100th Published Story: National Flash Fiction Day Flash Flood Journal 2021: 'Brittle' read it here.

Bath Flash Fiction Award 2020:  Longlisted with 'Monsters Like Us'. Published in 'Restore to Factory Settings, Ad Hoc Fiction. Buy the anthology here.

National Flash Fiction Day Flash Flood Journal 2020: 'When the Apocalypse Comes' read it here.

National Flash Fiction Day 2020 Micro fiction competition: Highly Commended with 'Three Chords and the Truth.' Read it here. Published in 'Root, Branch, Tree' (National Flash Fiction Day Press) along with a flash story 'Traces'.

Fictive Dream (Flash Fiction February): 'Buzz Word.' Read it here.

Cabinet of Heed Issue Twenty-Five: 'The Weight They Left Behind.' Read it here.

50-Word Stories: 'Homo lupus.' Read it here.

Reflex Flash Fiction Summer competition 2019: Longlisted with 'Hare's Breath.' Read it here
Published in 'A Girl's Guide to Fly Fishing', Reflex Fiction volume three).

Exeter Writers Short Story Award 2019: 3rd Prize with 'The Real Thing.' Read it here.

Reflex Fiction 2019: 'This is how love works.' Read it here.

Brittle Star Short Story Competition 2018: Highly Commended with 'Telling'. Published in Brittle Star Issue 42.

Unthology 10 (Unthank Books) published July 2018: 'Household Gods' (also shortlisted for the 2014 Commonwealth Short Story Prize). Buy a copy here.

The Nottingham Review (issue 10: Happiness) published Dec 2017: 'Quiet Time', read it here.

Reflex Fiction: 3rd Prize Autumn 2017 with 'Pandora's Cat.' Read it here.

In the Moment magazine: short story 'Fibonacci's Tree' published in Dec 2017 issue.

Spelk: micro fiction 'Hare' published Oct 2017. Read it here.

In the Moment magazine: short story 'Fish of the Sea' published in Nov 2017 issue.

Brighton Prize: Shortlisted story 'The Frost Hare.' Published in 2017 anthology. Buy it soon ...

Flash 500: Runner-up 2nd Quarter 2017 with 'Sky Lighter.' Read it here.
Reflex Fiction: Longlisted Summer 2017 with 'Inheritance.' Read it here.

Grist POV 2017 competition: 2nd Prize with 'Coping Mechanism', published in Grist 2017 anthology 'Experiments in Viewpoint'. Buy it here.

Retreat West: Runner-up December 2016 themed Flash competition with 'Lunacy.' Read it here.

Retreat West: Runner-up November 2016 themed Flash competition with 'Positive Outcome.' Read it here.

Willesden Herald 2016 Short Story Prize: Shortlisted with 'Twisted', published in anthology New Short Stories 9. Buy it here

Popshot Magazine (Issue 16 The Hope Issue): short story 'Footprints'

Ancient Wing: Rattle Tales4 (anthology). Buy it here.

Two flash stories: A Box of Stars beneath the Bed (National Flash Fiction Day anthology). Buy it here

Take-a-Break Fiction Feast: short story 'Something in the Canal' (July issue)

National Flash Fiction Day Micro Story: Highly Commended with 'Always One' read it here

Writers' Forum issue #171: short story 'Through the Arched Window'

Custard Creams and Plastic Lemons: Firewords Quarterly issue 5, available to buy here

Red Letter Day: Litro New York, Flash Fiction, read it here

Inside these tangles, beauty lies (2014 Anthology, Retreat West):
Alice in Saunaland, Whoosh! (Some proceeds going to Beanstalk charity, helping school children with reading)

Short Story Sunday (published 28 December 2014): Sleight of Hand, read it here (do leave a comment if you enjoy it!)

2014 Bridge House Anthology 'Light in the Dark': Small Miracles. Buy it here

FUGUE anthology from The Siren: White Sheets
buy it here

Write Idea Short Story Prize 2014 finalist: Lone Wolf

The People's Friend Christmas Special (19 Nov 2014): Once upon a Christmas time

Pornokitsch (August 2014): Monsters

The Best of CafeLit 3 (2014): Tantric Twister
buy it here

Neon Magazine: online Battery Pack collection of micro-stories (July 2014)  - Tears of Eve

The Colour of Life Anthology: Monsters (Runner-up Retreat West July 2013 short story competition)

Holdfast magazine
Issue 3 Objects, Artefacts and Talismans (June 2014): Ancient Wing
Issue 2 Animals, Beasts and Creatures (Feb 2014): Down came a blackbird

National Flash Fiction Day FlashFlood Journal (June 2013): Eight Thirty-Eight (stories and authors listed down right hand side)

The People's Friend 31 May 2014 Issue: Making The Grade

Runner-up HE Bates Short Story Prize 2013 (Jan 2014): Ancient Wing

Winning story 'Fibonacci's Tree' for Hysteria 2013 Short Story competition

Short stories available for download on Alfie Dog:
The Minstrel's Gallery (General / History)
Twinkle Twinkle (Humour)

Short story available for download: Essence of Humour, a collection of 17  stories available from Alfie Dog.

Northampton Writers Flash Fiction Competition 2013 (Aug 2013): 3rd place with Bindweed, read story here.

Rattle Tales 2 anthology (June 2013): Gretel and the Chocolate Wolf

CafeLit: Tantric Twister (May 2013)

Paragraph Planet (May 2013): Pig's Twaddle

Runner-up Reader's Digest 100-word-story competition (May 2013), read story here.

National Flash Fiction Day FlashFlood Journal (April 2013): Top Deck Tilly (stories and authors listed down right hand side)

Hysteria 1 (April 2013) : Kindle edition, paperback
Short story Midsummer's Eve shortlisted for Hysteria Short Story Competition 2012

Paragraph Planet 11 February 2013: SNIP

The People's Friend 19 January 2013 Issue: The Best-Laid Plans

Winner of Choc-Lit Publishing Summer Short Story Competition: Phoenix and Marilyn (Nov 2012)

Winner of Write-Invite Competition: Health Hazard (Nov 2012)

The New Writer Autumn issue (TWN 112): Keep Turning Right (Oct 2012)

Take-A-Break Fiction Feast November issue: The Itch of Love (Oct 2012)

The Yellow Room Magazine Autumn issue 8: Fish of the Sea (Sep 2012)

Once upon a time - Collection of Unexpected Fairytales:  Just Add (June 2012)

Runner-up of Exeter Writers' Short Story Prize 2012: Down Came a Blackbird (June 2012)

The Word Hut: A Waste of Time (June 2012)

Winner of Freelance Market News Short Story Competition: Diary of a Redshirt (May 2012)

National Flash Fiction Day FlashFlood Journal: Riding the Carousel (May 2012)

Winner of Writing Magazine Adult Fairy Short Story Competition: We need to talk about Katie (October 2011)


  1. Am I right in thinking you are the Tracy Fells who wrote Feeding Love, shortlisted in the Worcs LitFest Flash Fiction 2014 competition? If so, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed reading it. Very different from your People's Friend stories!

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