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Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Gem of a WIN

The indoor writer got a phone call last night from Eddie Walsh.  He organises the competitions held by Emerald Writing Workshops (see link to website on left of Blog).  Her entry 'Gods of the carousel' for the first competition of 2011 (500 words - theme: set in airport) had WON!

Several bottles of beer were then imbibed to celebrate.   Winning story will soon be published on the Emerald Writing workshop - go and check it out.

Also check out the other competitions running in 2011 on this website.  Eddie often provides critiques for entries which are all published on the site.

Keep writing!


  1. Well done, Tracy! I was a runner up and that made my day (my birthday as it happens so it was extra special).

  2. Thanks Sally. Congratulations to you too and hope you had a lovely birthday. The news certainly made my evening!

  3. Congratulations Tracy. You must be thrilled!

  4. Thanks Kate! I was well happy on Saturday night. Have been entering writing competitions for about a year and starting to get shortlisted but felt I was always the bridesmaid - so was really motivating to get this win and publication on the website too.