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Monday, 21 February 2011

Invite to write

If you enjoy writing short fiction and writing to a time limit i.e. true FLASH FICTION then check out the weekly competition run by Write-Invite.  A genuinely friendly competition where once you've registered you have the opportunity of entering the weekly Saturday evening challenge (£4 entry fee for £50 prize money for winner).  At 5.30pm the three topics are revealed, pick one and write a story before 6pm - your story has to be written online and submitted before the cut-off after 30 mins.  This is fun and a real test of creativity and writing skills, but be warned it's also addictive and stressful.  My indoor writer needs a steady supply of Jelly Babies to get through the ordeal and usually a copious amount of alcohol is consumed post 6pm (I think she'd be more successful in the competition if she imbibed the alcohol before it started).

If you fancy a go then check out the link to the Write-Invite website on this blog.

Happy writing!

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