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Sunday, 1 May 2011

April good reads

Have just finished Black Swan Green (David Mitchell), which differed from his other novels (the ones we've read) in that POV remained with the same first person narrator throughout.  Really authentic voice of Jason (13 yrs) living one year in an English village during the 1980's.  It featured the Falklands war and brought back so many memories - mostly wry and funny - of that era.

Had to give up on The Passage - a giant book and first part of a trilogy.  It was Stephen Kingenesque and once upon a time would have been devoured, but we had to give up at 300 pages.  The POV constantly changed and just as you got used to a narrator then something happened to them.  Sadly, we just ran out of steam and had to move one.

Similar experience with We Need To Talk About Kevin (Lionel Shriver).  Heard a lot about this book so thought it was one to read.  But just couldn't get into the narrative and took a quick dislike to the narrator - which sort of hindered reading the rest of it as this was totally first person throughout.  Always hate to give up on books but starting to realise that life is too short to plod on with books you don't enjoy.  There are so many excellent books out there.

Ending on a good note.  Started reading The Small Hand (Susan Hill) this morning and within 30 mins had read more than we'd managed with 'Kevin'.  More of a novella but a cracking good read.

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