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Friday, 17 June 2011

Jumping for Jackson

Really enjoying the TV dramatisation of Kate Atkinson's books featuring private detective Jackson Brodie.  OK some tweaks have been made to plot and setting but mostly the series is staying close to the original books (Case Histories, One Good Turn and When Will There Be Good News) and characters.  Kate Atkinson is one our favourite authors as her quirky writing somehow always spreads a heavy dose of humanity, though often buried in tragedy.  Apparently the indoor writer's attraction to the TV series has nothing to do with Jason Issacs apart from his excellent depiction of the flawed but fabulous Brodie.  Brodie truly is a hero for modern times - the sort of man you really want beside you in a crisis and yet you still believe you could change him for the better...
The series is airing on BBC 1 Sundays and Mondays at 9pm - watch it if you can.

We do love the ongoing Brodie chronicles but would also love Kate Atkinson to continue writing non-Jackson books.  Her viewpoint of the world and the characters she creates are heart-wrenching at times but always compulsive reading.  Hope some new works are coming soon.
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