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Friday, 15 July 2011

Writing Magazine competitions

Writing Magazine and its companion Writers' News (for subscribers only) host MONTHLY prose and poetry competitions .  Prizes for Writing Magazine short stories are £200/£50 for £4 entry (£3 if subscriber) - there is always a new theme and usual target length is 1500-1700 words.  Prizes for poetry are £100/£50. Writers' News competitions are FREE to subscribers with prize money of £100/£25 for short stories & poetry - so a good return on subscription fee.  Entering one of these a month gets you into the habit of writing to a word count on a theme and to a deadline - so excellent writing practice.

The indoor writer has been entering these short story competitions for over a year now.  To date two stories have been shortlisted to final judging stage but yesterday she was emailed with some excellent news ... Her Adult Fairy Story (May issue themed competition) has won FIRST prize!  The winning story will be printed in Writing Magazine NOVEMBER Issue (comes out OCT 2011) - so do look out for it.

1 comment:

  1. Brilliant!
    I've entered a few of these competitions and only ever achieved one short-listing, so I know how tough they are.
    I'll look out for it in the magazine.