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Monday, 19 September 2011

September is the new January and Monday is blogday!

At the West Sussex Writers' Club (WSWC) AGM the presiding Chair, Nina Tucknott, stated that "September was the new January", a time to re-set our goals.  With autumnal mornings now nipping at our toes (or trotters) the year feels like it's cruising down to Xmas and there are just four months left to realise those writing objectives enthusiastically dreamed up back in January.  Creativity is an essential part of a writer's tool box but discipline is the oil that keeps the output flowing.  I'm a little embarrassed that this blog is not regularly fed, something else on the writing to-do-list always climbs to the top, so one September resolution is to ensure I publish at least one weekly new entry.  From now on Monday will be blogday and a new post will always come out.  Doesn't stop me putting up other pieces, as the mood takes me, during the rest of the week, but this will ensure a weekly output.

Remember: the more you write means you write more ...

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