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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

12 Days of a LitPig Christmas: 3

On the 3rd day of Christmas my LitPig brought to me ...



Each day I want to share the writing of an author that I read for the first time in 2011.   These are my personal choices - you may know many of them, but perhaps one or two will be new to you ... So why not try a new author in 2012.  
March 2011:
SUSAN HILL - The Small Hand
I read this ghost novella in almost one sitting.  The prose is elegantly simple, crisp and precise.  The atmosphere builds to a revelation ending, which though not traditionally scary leaves a chilly aftertaste.  I was stirred to read more of her ghost stories: The Man in the Picture, The Woman in Black (don't read this at night).  And plan to continue reading Susan Hill as I adore her succinct narrative style.  Many of her novellas are written in the first person and they read as if someone is right there telling you the tale.  The Woman in Black reads just like a nineteenth century novel, which takes great skill to pull off.  I'd seen a stage version and several TV versions of this book and had always assumed it had been written at the time of its setting, so was surprised to learn it was a relatively modern book.

Other novels by Susan Hill:

 The enclosure (1961) •  Do me a favour (1963) • Gentleman and ladies (1968) • A change for the better (1969) • I'm the king of the castle (1970) • Strange meeting (1971) •  The bird of night (1972) • In he springtime of the year (1973) •  The woman in black (1983) •  Air and angels (1991) • The mist in the mirror (1992) •   Mrs de Winter (1993) • The service of clouds (1997) • Corruption • The Going Down of the Sun •  The man in the picture (2007) • The Beacon (2008) • The Small Hand (2010)

Simon Serrailler crime novels:
The various haunts of men (2004) • The pure in heart (2005) • The risk of darkness (2006) • The vows of silence (2008) • Shadows in the Streets (2010) • The Betrayal of Trust (2011)

Short story anthologies:
 The albatross and other stories (1970) •  A bit of singing and dancing (1973) • Listening to the Orchestra (1997) •  The boy who taught the beekeeper to read (2003)

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