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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A new Friend

The Indoor Writer has recently been a bit down in the dumps, with little news on the submission front, and spends far too much time listening to that Doubtful Demon. So today's good news has really cheered her up and I can already see the Positive Thinking Angel unfurling her wings. Two years ago she submitted her first ever Womag story to The People's Friend. After 2-3 days the self-addressed envelope returned bearing bad news (as they always do). She gave up on that market for a while but this summer had a short story that another Womag writer suggested was right for TPF. The writer recommended a few tweaks to names and marriage status before sending it off. The Indoor Writer followed the advice and submitted, but wasn't that hopeful of success thinking TPF was still a tough market for her to crack. Okay, I expect you've worked out the plot twist. Today she got an email from Shirley Blair, Fiction Editor for TPF, and the story has been accepted. Shirley had even taken note that this was only the second story from our, now singing and dancing, writer.

She now asks if after selling two stories to the Women's magazine market can she legitimately call herself a Womag writer? Or does it take more to join the club?

Not sure about when the story comes out but will let you know...


  1. Oooh, congratulations! Of course you'e a Womag writer.

    Not quite as exciting, but I have an award for you over on my blog.

  2. Thanks Patsy - have just seen the award. How sweet! Am just out for a run now and think I may have to pop to cafe for post-run carbs in the form of CAKE :)

  3. Brilliant news, Tracy - well done! It's onward and upward now.

  4. Congratulations, Tracy! Terrific news, keep it up!

  5. Congratulations - you're definately a Womag!!

  6. Thank you Rosemary, Sally and Kate for your good wishes. Starting to feel more like a Womag writer!

  7. Hi Tracy. I think you have a short story in the November issue of Fiction Feast alongside mine. I am also a writer from West Sussex (Steyning). I hope that you feel you can call yourself a womag writer because then I can too! I've sold six so far (FF WW and TPF) but this is my first one in print- v exciting.

    1. How lovely Wendy - does that make us magazine buddies, so to speak? Is yours 'Try saying yes' ? My story in Fiction Feast is also first sale and first one to make it to print - will blog about that later in the week...
      Just waiting for that magic payment now.

    2. Yes it is 'Try Saying Yes' and I've spent the money in my mind already!