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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Outlets for Short Stories

This week we're celebrating National Short Story Week and today why not check out the outlets for your short stories here. More details of writing competitions and top tips on writing short stories can also be found here.

The Indoor Writer has stories on Alfie Dog. You can download stories from 39p, so ideal for commuting or just sampling a writer's work. Three excellent stories to download here (someone has to do her PR!).

Another outlet for selling your stories is Ether Books, click here for more details. This site specialises in downloads to mobile phones, so ideal for reading 'on-the-go'.

If you write for the Womag market then check out the Womag Writer's Blog which regularly updates on new guidelines and any trends or news in the Womag market. Often lists some good competitions too.

If you know of any other outlets then let me know.

Keep writing...


  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Anyone had any first-hand experience of Ether books (from either side)?

  2. Ether books were recommended to me from another short story writer at West Sussex Writers. She has put stories on for download. But I haven't heard from anyone downloading. Like Alfie Dog they seem to have a lot of writers on their books. I am planning to submit some stories and will post how I get on.

  3. I've taken the plunge and had two stories accepted, one for free download the other a paid-for story. It was very straightforward to do. I don't have an i-phone (android accessibility coming soon, apparently), but a friend has downloaded the app and my free story and tells me the process was easy and the layout good.

    1. Oh that's great news Julia and thanks for sharing this update on Ether books. I haven't yet got round to it - as not sure what to submit right now.