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Friday, 11 January 2013

Pass it on!

I'd like to share some good news about another writer's successes. The following story indicates the power and importance of networking ...

At the 2012 Swanwick Writers' Summer School the Indoor Writer met a lovely lady called Veronica Bright. Veronica had also won her place at the Summer School with a children's story. Our girl told Veronica all about her earlier win in April - the bursary award to the West Country Writers' Association's Literary Weekend (blog post here) and advocated it was worth applying for. Can you guess the news? Veronica has just heard that she's been awarded the bursary for 2013! The Indoor Writer first heard about this valuable prize from fellow blogger Sally Jenkins and now it's been passed on again. Isn't that wonderful?

Veronica has been enjoying a winning streak recently, well deserved as her writing is quite sublime. She came first in the NAWG 2012 Short Story competition, read more here. And also took first prize in the Greenacre Writers 2012 Competition, more here. Unfortunately neither of these websites yet have her stories uploaded to read. Do revisit them if you get the chance and read her work.

Wishing Veronica even more success in 2013!

 Though could she please not enter the same competitions as the Indoor Writer...


  1. Well done to Veronica! I love stories like this and I love the fact that most writers seem to be so willing to help each other - it's heart-warming!

  2. That's brilliant news! You're right, Tracy, networking is so useful because writing is such a solitary occupation. It's wonderful that all writers are so generous at passing on tips! I hope Veronica has a good time.

  3. Thank you Linda, Patsy and Sally for your comments. Writing can be lonely so thank heavens for social networks!