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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

National Short Story Competition

Just a reminder that West Sussex Writers (a lovely bunch) have their first National Short Story Competition closing 31 March. So you still have time to enter a story, or why not enter more than one as the prizes are worth it. Details are here and full guidelines here.


  • Open theme stories of under 3,000 words
  • Final judge is SIMON BRETT
  • 1st Prize = £200, 2nd = £75, 3rd = £50
  • Entry fee £5 per story
  • You can email stories
  • You don't have to live in West Sussex to enter, this is a national competition
This is one competition the Indoor Writer can't enter as she is one of the initial reading panel. 

Why not have a go - you could be the first winner of this new short story prize!


  1. Don't think I've got any stories left that Simon hasn't seen, Tracy!

    1. Tut tut Wendy this is no excuse! Go on, would be lovely for a writer living in West Sussex to win...

    2. I can't enter now 'cos if Patsy does, I haven't a hope!

    3. What a lame excuse! Besides you may both come in the top 3...

  2. I do plan to enter more competitions so might have a go at this.

    1. Think you should Patsy. It would be brilliant if a writer I know wins this. Good luck :)