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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Samantha Tonge chats with Shirley Blair of The People's Friend

Over at Samantha Tonge's blog today she's having tea and cake with Shirley Blair, Fiction Editor for The People's Friend. Shirley shares what she's looking for in a good TPF story and just as importantly what she's NOT looking for... read more here


  1. Thanks for the link Tracy. I keep sending to P.f. I'm convinced I can't be far off, but keep trying. Great info wasn't it?

    1. Keep trying Susan. I finally got success with TPF using a contemporary story with some humour and middle-aged not elderly characters. I didn't think it was a PF story but was advised to try it and it was bought quickly.

  2. Just catching up with blog reading after my holiday. Thanks for this link, Tracy - a very interesting interview with Shirley. Just a shame it's so difficult to get a story exactly right for PF!