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Thursday 4 December 2014

Bridge House Anthology 2014: Light in the dark

Another goal has been TICKED: to get a short story into a Bridge House anthology. The 2014
anthology 'Light in the dark' is out now. You can read daily extracts from each of the featured stories here.

You can buy 'Light in the dark' from Amazon here.
Edited by Gill James: We asked for stories that would make readers think. We certainly got them. Some edge towards the dark, though all have some closure and turn back towards the light. Just as Advent time rushes towards the darkest days so that we can return to the light, these twenty-four stories bring light into our dark..

My story is in good company along with some well known short story writers such as: Melanie Whipman, Ruby Cowling, Sarah Evans, Mark Owen Jones, Glynis Scrivens etc.

And you can watch the book trailer here:  http://youtu.be/AkoAqyKjYH8 


  1. Another fabulous achievement, Tracy.

  2. Great news, Tracy!

  3. Fabulous news, Tracy - congratulations! xxx

  4. Glad to be in such good company, Tracy.

    1. It is a great line up of stories and writers, Paula. Did you read on Sat? Looks like it was a great event and I'm sorry I missed it :)