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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The luckiest day of the year!

WOW so good things really do come in three's.  The indoor writer has gone for a lie down to recover from today's good fortune. From this day onwards the 16th November is now the luckiest day of the year.  It started early, whilst checking emails at 8.30am:

1. Email reply to a pitch for magazine feature (submitted end September).  Editor liked the idea and wants to go ahead.
2. Cheque came in the post (with sweet card too) for her 2nd Prize entry into the The Yellow Room competition.  Click here to read about the winning short stories.  Jo Derrick publishes the excellent Yellow Magazine several times a year, it always contains high quality short stories.  Jo has very high standards - just read The Yellow Room's submission guidelines - so coming 2nd was a real endorsement of her writing.
3. Telephone call came mid afternoon from a lovely lady on the committee of the West Country's Writers' Association.  Indoor writer has been awarded the bursary to attend the Association's Annual Congress next April in Bath (20-22 April 2012).  The bursary includes accommodation/food and entry fees to all days and talks - so it's really worth winning!

Actually there's a fourth piece of good luck - though more family related - as we all received a cheque from ERNIE (premium bonds), not the jackpot but enough to buy fish n' chips all round.

Phew ... after all that I need a lie down too ... perhaps after some chocolate cake ... and a small glass of something.


  1. Fantastic news - no wonder you need a lie down!

  2. Wow, Tracy, I'd have rushed out and bought a scratch card while your luck's in. No, you're a good writer. Great news.