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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Double Whammy Thursday

The May issue of Freelance Market News arrived today and the indoor writer received two credits:
Letter printed
Winner of First Line Short Story Competition - where you had to continue the story on from the opening line of "It started like any other day..."

Her story 'Diary of a Redshirt' is also printed in the magazine.  One of my favourites and a nodding homage to the original Start Trek series (featuring Kirk and Co.).  We still play spot the redshirt whenever we all watch TV together - and it doesn't have to be Star Trek, works for all crime/detective/thriller/spy progs too.

Payment also came through for a Star Letter printed (last month) in What's On TV.  So not a bad week after all!


  1. I've recently started subscribing to FMN again after a long break & saw your story and letter.
    Well done! I'm going to challenge myself to enter each of their monthly comps. I did the Diamond poetry last month - hope I can keep it up!

  2. Thanks Sally - and as these are all FREE to enter then definitely worth a go. Good luck with the poetry entries :)