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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

London Book Fair

The London Book Fair runs from 16 - 18 April and the indoor writer is visiting the event for the first time.  She's travelling up on Monday 16 April for the day as she has secured a 5 minute slot to pitch her children's novel to a children's publisher.  If anyone is also attending then do let us know - would be lovely to see a friendly face.  Has anyone every attended the event, and if yes what can she expect?

And what do you plan to cover in a 5 minute slot?  This isn't a lot of time to convince someone your book is worth publishing, and marketing and promoting etc etc.  Perhaps this is more like a job interview and you HAVE to get them to like and want you in the first critical 5 minutes.  Getting published in today's competitive market is equally about selling yourself just as much as selling your writing.  So no pressure then!

If you have any top tips or words of wisdom then please comment... all thoughts welcome


  1. I've never been to the London Book Fair, Tracy, but I wish you every success & look forward to hearing about it.

  2. Right now Sally I'm vacillating between abject terror and excitement. It will be a new experience and I'm hoping to enjoy the ride. Will report back next week...

  3. Hi Julia, my next blog above tells all. Still undecided about the pitch meeting -it felt very much like one of those job interviews where you're not really sure of what the result is going to be. In the end it will all hang on whether they like the book sample... fingers crossed :)