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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A brief intermission

While the Indoor Writer is putting together several blog posts on the Swanwick Summer School here is a brief intermission featuring some photos from her recent holiday on the Isle of Wight (worth a visit if you've never been, it's a cross between Devon and Dorset... with plenty of good walks, pubs and cream teas).

We stayed at Roseland Cottage (below centre), near Calbourne village, with it's flower filled garden.

    Iguanodon footprint (above) at Compton Bay.


  1. I love the IOW. Great photos and the cottage looks idyllic. It reminds me of James Herbert's book The Magic Cottage

  2. Thanks Gill - having read a lot of James Herbert in my teens I know he's usually writing horror, so I really hope he didn't use Roselands as an inspiration. Thankfully nothing horrific happened to us during our stay!

  3. thats good and sorry i never meant to link it like that, just the image reminded me of the cover of his book.

  4. I hope you waved to me as you went past?

  5. You mean you didn't see me waving Patsy? Actually did think of you as we drove past the Historic Dockyard - made me think I must come back to Portsmouth for a serious exploration one day.