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Monday 13 August 2012

Swanwick Writers' Summer School

By the time you are reading this I should be returning from Swanwick. The indoor writer won herself a whole week at the Swanick Writers' Summer School and I'm tagging along. I was rather miffed to have been left out of the Berlin trip so there's no way she's leaving me behind this time. I will be taking copious notes and hopefully some photos to bring back to the blog. Always wondered what really goes on a these "summer schools". Apparently they swoon about drinking tea, eating cake on the lawn whilst musing on literary themes. Rubbish! Bet my curly tail they never leave the bar and spend hours talking about "that book" - you know, the one by that nice English lady EL James about soft prawns (I'm sure that's what the indoor writer said it was full of...).

Looking forward to meeting and hearing:
Linda Lewis (author of The Writer's Treasury of Ideas & prolific short story writer)
David Nobbs (Reginald Perrin and many other great comedies)
Helen Lederer

and meeting new writers and bloggers!


  1. Wooo! Hope you enjoyed the summer school (or, I hope the indoor writer did anyway). Looking forward to reading all about it :-)

  2. Now taking a week out to recover, though strange to be back in the land of non-writing people. Yesterday not one person asked her 'what do you write?', very odd. Will put up several posts in week or so on the week at Swanwick- there is so much to report back. A great experience if you ever get the chance to go to.