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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Playing with words

Some good news arrived last week for The Indoor Writer: an invitation to attend a performance of the winning entries from the Five 'n Ten (Sandalle's international stage-writing) competition. Even better was the news that her 5 minute piece was a winner in the monologue category and it would be performed at the event! The prize also includes a one hour session with a BBC Script Editor (a former
winner in the monologue category) and lunch with the actors involved. What a treat! She's thinking of dragging Handsome Hubby and the Tame Teenager down to Wales (Neath, nr Swansea) and making a family weekend outing of the experience - hope she remembers to pack me ...

To have your drama performed in a theatre by actors is the ultimate credit for a playwright. This is going to be a high point of the year. Watch this blog for a full report post 8th June.

If you have a short play already written or have an idea for one then why not have a go and enter one of these drama competitions for 10 minute plays:

Little Pieces of Gold New Writing Showcase:
10 min play for max of 4 actors on theme: To ‘like’ or not to ‘like’? 8 short plays about social media

Submission deadline: 5 May
No entry fee
Email entries only
8 winning plays will be performed at on 16 June, Park Theatre London. (Note: BBC scouts often attend these performances to 'scout' out new drama talent ...)
Details of rules and how to enter are here.

Pint-Sized Plays:
Plays of 5-10mins length. Suitable for performing in a pub. This is what the organisers have to say:
We often get queries about Pint-sized Plays asking just what and what is not possible.  I hope that the following will prove useful in helping you to judge whether your submission will be suitable. Fundamentally, the first thing to know is that (with the exception of the Script Slam) the plays are not performed in a theatre, they are performed right in a pub bar. So you don't have the luxury of lighting effects, or scenery or any such stuff.

Having said that, the play doesn't have to be specifically centred in a pub. It can be anywhere, but there are important considerations. The only props are those that the cast might reasonably carry and any furniture has to be what is already there. Bear in mind that, when we set up the 'playing area', it might be in a corner of the bar or right in the middle amongst the punters. So, for the play to work, the audience has to be able to imagine what you're imagining.

Entry fee: £5.50, online or postal entries acceptable.
Submission deadline: 31 May
Details of rules and how to enter are here.

If there are any playwrights out there then let us know how you get on ...


  1. Congratulations on your success, Tracy! I'm sure you will find it so exciting to perform your monologue. Thank you too for the information about the drama competitions.

    1. Thanks, Jan. It will be such a treat to hear an actor speaking my words - can't wait!

    2. ...to have your monologue performed by an actor! (Just re-read your blog, sorry.) Really exciting - enjoy the occasion!

  2. Is that a hint, Tracy? I'd forgotten that particular monthly goal! It's fantastic news about the play - how exciting to see it performed.

    1. No pressure, Wendy ... and hope you having a lovely birthday today :) x

  3. Wow congratulations. Have a great time in wales.

  4. That sounds brilliant - well done, Tracy!