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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Love Sussex Living

On Sunday walked with a friend from Cissbury Ring to home and took a slight detour up to Chanctonbury Ring. It was a crisp, clear day and the view from Chanctonbury was stupendous (see photo left). Made me think how much we all love living in West Sussex.

To celebrate Sussex living why not enter this Short Story Competition to support West Sussex Writers, click here for details of the competition. And here for the entry guidelines. Good Luck!


  1. Did you look down on my village, Tracy? I agree, that's a beautiful walk - have done it many times. West Sussex is the best place to live to be sure!

  2. Did you not see me waving Wendy? Yes you can definitely see Steyning in this photo.

  3. Tracy
    My best friend is from Sussex (Pulborough), so I can only agree with you - it's a wonderful place! And yes, I will have a go at your writing club's competition.

    1. Will be great if you enter Helen - I can't have a go as I get to be on the initial reading panel. And if you're ever down here visiting then I'm only 10 mins from Pulborough.

  4. Thanks Patsy, Rosemary - definitely a great walk and stunning views.