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Monday, 10 December 2012

Oh Lucky Day!

Do you have a lucky day or date? For the Indoor Writer NOVEMBER seems to be her lucky month. In 2011 Wednesday 16 November was the luckiest day of the year (read post here). Then incredibly it happened all over again on Thursday 15 November this year with the news of winning Choc-Lit Summer Short Story competition.

Other  reasons for November being a lucky month were: payment from Fiction Feast (her first published womag story), payment from People's Friend (they pay on acceptance not publication, NICE!), getting Highly Commended in The Yellow Room Flash Fiction competition, winning Write-Invite weekly competition, filler published in Writers' Forum magazine (winning free subscription for a year) and shortlisted for Writers' Forum monthly short story competition. She's quite chuffed about the last two as her subscription to WF had just run out (jammy or what?) and she's being submitting short stories to WF competition for quite a few months. So never give up trying with a market.

In 2013 I'm saving my piggy-bank money for her to buy a lottery ticket during week of 15/16 November, as clearly there is something auspicious about those dates!!

Go on, share your lucky day...


  1. Tracy, blimey, my word, oh flipping heck, fantasticly well done, yahoo, you've got a womag story accepted, and all those other things. Soo sooo soo happy for you. Well done, and keep up the good work.

  2. Gosh Susan you sound as excited as I've felt! Thank you :)